Coram International B.V. (hereinafter: “we”, “us” or “Coram”), doing business as: 'Coram', 'Coram Group', 'Tiger', 'Geesa', 'Sealskin' and 'Impey' processes personal data as part of its business operations. Coram does this with the greatest care and in accordance with applicable privacy regulations. In this privacy policy we would like to inform you about which data is processed by us, how we do this and why we process this personal data.

1.            What are our contact details?
Visiting address: Hogeweg 87-93
Postal Code: 5301 LK
Location: Zaltbommel (The Netherlands)
Telephone: +31 (0) 40 - 2809 804

2.            Which personal data do we process?
We process information about identified or identifiable natural persons. This is information which can be assigned to a person in any kind of way. The term "personal data" is used as an entryway to this kind of information. Within Coram we process the following personal data:

  • Name and address details
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Other contact details
  • IP address
  • Financial and banking information
  • Identity card, photo and citizen service number
  • Resume
  • Birthdate and place
  • Details of your visit to our website(s), internet browser and device type
  • Correspondence
  • Other data necessary for the purposes listed below
3.            What purposes and bases do we have for processing personal data?
The processing of personal data at Coram takes place within the following purposes:

Providing our products and services
Including invoicing, possible product recalls and the return of delivered products. Personal data collected for this purpose is necessary to the performance of a contract. In addition, we are obliged to keep invoice data for compliance with certain (tax) laws.

Maintaining and expanding (business) contacts
This includes creating and managing a customer database, maintaining visitor lists at trade fairs, sending electronic and / or paper marketing with regard to our services, conducting a customer survey or informing customers after purchase about similar products or services. If you do not wish to receive electronic and / or paper marketing from us, you can withdraw or object to the given consent at any time.

Recruiting and selecting new employees
To be able to process applications, we ask you to provide us with certain information (such as name, contact details, resume and motivation letter). If you apply to a certain position, you give us permission to process this personal data. If you do not (completely) provide this information, you will not be admitted to the application process. At any stage of the application process, additional personal data may be requested in order to be able to conclude an employment contract. We have a legitimate interest to perform a pre-employment screening on social media and the internet. This means that publicly accessible information about applicants can be checked out. We may use information found during the application process for further assessment. Any employment references are only requested with permission of the applicant.

Displaying personalized content on (our) websites
In this way we ensure that our websites, but also those of third parties, are provided with content that is tailored to your personal interests. We also use data for the statistical analyses of visitor and click behavior. For more information about cookies, see point 6 of this privacy statement.
We may only process personal data if there is also a legal basis for this. The personal data referred to in this privacy statement is always processed on the basis of one of the following principles:
  • performance of a contract;
  • the consent you have given;
  • a legal obligation;
  • because of a legitimate interest.
We ensure that appropriate technical and organizational security steps are taken to minimize the chance of unlawful processing of the collected personal data. Personal data is not processed for the purpose of automated decision-making or profiling.

4.            Who do we share personal data with?
We may share personal data with other parties. We only do this on the purpose of the principles stated in this privacy policy. Naturally, we do not share more personal data with third parties than is strictly necessary. Personal data may possibly be processed outside of the European Economic Area. We are aware of the Schrems II-judgment of the European Court of Justice and strive to only share data with parties outside the EEA that comply with the guarantees of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

5.            How long do we keep personal data?
We keep personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned in this privacy statement. If you terminate the customer relationship, Coram will keep your data for at least one year, with the exception of those data for which there is a longer legal retention obligation. This applies, for example, to invoices. As soon as the (legal) retention period of personal data has expired, the processing thereof is no longer necessary or we have no legitimate interest in retaining the personal data, we will anonymize or delete the data as soon as possible. This also applies to cases in which you have withdrawn your consent to the processing of your personal data.

If you apply for a job or show specific interest in a vacancy or the performance of work for Coram, Coram will keep your personal data as long as the application procedure is running and / or there is mutual interest in entering into an employment contract. Your personal data will be deleted within four weeks after the end of the application procedure or when no further contact has taken place for four weeks, at the latest within four weeks thereafter. If you give us permission to keep your personal data for a longer period of time, it will be kept for a maximum of one year after the permission has been given.

6.            Which cookies do we place on our websites?
We use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a personalised experience on our website(s). Cookies enable us to operate, analyze and improve our website(s).

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are placed in the internet browser of your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. Cookies are used to collect information about your visits to different websites. In some occasions personal data can be collected by placing cookies. Because we value your privacy, we ask your formal consent to place cookies that are able to collect personal data.

What types of cookies are used?
We use three different types of cookies on our website(s): functional, analysing and marketing related cookies. Functional cookies are placed under all circumstances, because they are essential for the proper functioning of all parts of our website(s). For example for the proper functioning of the social media buttons, through which you can share information from our website on social media.
If you give us permission to do so, we will post analytical cookies to collect data about how our website(s) are being used. Analysing cookies are often placed by third parties, such as Hotjar or Google Analytics. We use the information derived from these cookies to optimise our website(s). We also ask your permission to place marketing cookies. These cookies enable us and third parties to compile a profile of our website visitors. This allows us, but also third parties, to show personalised advertisements and content on the websites you visit.

Can I manage my cookie preferences?    
Your internet browser may be set in a way that you limit the cookies you receive. If you choose to do so, some features on websites may break. The first time you enter our website, we ask you to give your consent for the placement of non-functional cookies. We offer you the possibility to change or withdraw your consent at any time below.               
Click here for an overview of all the cookies that are being used on our website(s) or to change your cookie settings.

7.            What rights do I have?
You have the right to access, supplement, rectify, transfer, or erasure of the personal data that we process about you. We will erase your personal data if:
  • you have made a request to that effect;
  • you have withdrawn the consent given to us;
  • the retention periods have expired;
  • if there are no well-founded reasons for the continuation to process your personal data.

You can send a request regarding the processing of your personal data to:, or our postal address Hogeweg 87-93, 5301 LK in Zaltbommel. Before we can process your request, we will first have to establish your identity. We would therefore like to receive a copy of your ID, with a passport photo and BSN number crossed out. Click here for more instructions on how to make a so-called "safe copy".
You will receive a response from us to the adjustment or removal request within 1 month. In some cases, we will have to reject your request. This is the case, for example, if we have to process your data on the basis of a legal obligation or have a legitimate interest in the processing thereof.
We would also like to point out that you have the right to file a complaint with the national supervisory authority. Click here to go to the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’).

8.            Who can I contact if I have any questions?
Questions regarding our privacy policy, this statement or any requests regarding the removal, supplementation or rectification of personal data, can be addressed by email to You can also contact us in writing, for the attention of Coram Privacy, postal address: Hogeweg 87-93, 5301 LK in Zaltbommel.

9.            When was this statement last amended?
This privacy statement was last amended on: October 1, 2020. We reserve the right to amend this statement at a later date. Any adjustments will be published on this website.